There are 12 sections in each book with each section consisting of 4 pieces of paper folded in half (making 8 leaves or pages), so counting both sides it adds up to 192 pages.

The thread is a 4 ply waxed Irish linen which comes in an assortment of colors. The stitch is called Longstitch/Linkstitch & the sections are hand sewn directly to the cover, so no adhesives are used. This also allows the book to lie flat, making it ideal for writing and sketching.

The cover is an oil tanned leather of several different colors. Unfortunately, I'm limited to what the local stores have in stock. The paper is Arches Text & is acid free/archival and has a weight & feel that I think compliments the leather nicely.

The buttons & beads used vary according to availability & my mood at the time. But I am happy to try accommodate any themes you might suggest.

Height x Width (Inches)Height x Width (Centimeters)Retail (U.S. Dollars)
5 x 3.2512.5 x 8.25$30
5 x 4.512.5 x 11$40
7 x 4.518 x 11$65
7 x 6.518 x 17$70
10.5 x 6.527 x 17$95
10.5 x 8.227 x 22$115

Price include shipping within the U.S.